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    Indonesia being an archipelago in the tropical climate having abundance natural resources with a wide spread population, created a need in the insulated industry-refrigeration and air-conditioning.

    Hence in 2005, a team of committed, experience and successful people together with a vas network resources in the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector established STARR PANEL TECHNOLOGY.

    STARR PANEL TECHNOLOGY manufacturing plants is located in Surabaya, Indonesia with capability to produce a wide range of prefabricated Polyurethane Sandwich Panel.

    STARR PANEL TECHNOLOGY prefabricated Polyurethane Sandwich Panel are use in coldstorage, processing plant for food, telecommunication cabin, clean room, hot room, air-conditioned storage room, housing, blast freezer, kiln dry chamber, dehumidifying rooms, etc.

    With the commitment, experience, and a vast network resources in refrigeration and air-conditioning system, we believe we will be able to meet and satisfy customers with the most suitable solution.

    STARR PANEL’s vision :

    “To strive to be a global player in the sandwich panel manufacturing industry”

    STARR PANEL’s missions :
    • To be efficient, innovative and competitive to meet the growing demand of the domestic and international market.
    • To provide and assist customer in total design package.
    • To create an essential friendly environment for the continuous improvement of our people.
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